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Two new tombs discovered in Egypt
Both mausoleums, located in the area of Ras al Gesr, are buried and are recorded in several of its walls, says a note from the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) released today. One of the two buildings funeral is larger in the area found to date and includes many halls, rooms and halls, said Zahi Hawas, secretary general of the CSA. This tomb is preceded by two great walls, a limestone and brick addition, the statement said. Two of its rooms, which were filled with construction material and land, leading to a chamber inside which have been found several skeletons and pottery vessels. In another small room was discovered a well with a depth of seven meters. In the northern part of the tomb also have been found several mummies of falcons that are in a good state of preservation. According to Hawass, the tomb was used in more than one occasion and was robbed in the V century AD. In the second tomb, smaller, but also composed of several rooms, were found numerous pottery vessels. Archeology expert welcomed the new findings, which have proved that Saqara area, where the pyramid of Djoser, still hides many secrets.
    More secrets unveiled in Cleopatra the under water City
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