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Trip duration: Approx 12 hours Trip type: By an air-conditioned vehicle Trip runs: 7 days a week Starting from: Alexandria Return to: Alexandria pick up time: According to Cruise Liners Schedules
Five thousand years ago, Giza became the royal burial place for Memphis, the Pharaoh’s capital city. Giza’a three pyramids and the Sphinx were constructed in the 4th dynasty of Egypt’s Old Kingdom. About 2,500 ...
The pharaonic era is brought alive by a group of actors, and faithful reproductions of buildings and clothing. You can sail on comfortable motorized barges down a network of canals and view incredibly accurate ...
It is internationally known as the ‘Bride of the Mediterranean’. Your first stop in Alexandria will the Pompey’s Pillar. It is a 28 metre high pillar and dates from the third century. The pillar was raised in h...
• Luxor Temple: It was constructed for the worship of god Amon Ra whose marriage anniversary to his wife (Mut) was celebrated once a year. The construction of the temple dates from Amenhotep II and Ramesses II....
visit famous Monastery of Saint Catherine, which has been in existence in the depths of the Sinai desert since the sixth century. The Byzantine church has been preserved here since its construction in 542 AD
visit the Egyptian museum housing 165.000 Egyptian artifacts .The museum contains the priceless treasures of Tutankhamen ( with his sex gold glided coffins and his magnificent death mask ). You can also see the...

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More secrets unveiled
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Excavaciones arqueológicas
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Egypt Opens New Library of
Two new tombs discovered
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Dos nuevas tumbas en Saqara

Saint Catherine
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